Mary Anton Memorial Scholarship Fund


The Mary Anton Memorial Scholarship Fund(MAMSF), a 501c3, was established in 2016, to honor the life and legacy of Mary Anton by providing scholarships to children in our community. 

Making an Impact


The Mary Anton Memorial Scholarship Fund is changing lives. Since being established in 2016, MAMSF has awarded $36,000 to students from across the region. 

Providing Opportunity


Education is a powerful force for promoting opportunity and growth. It is not surprising that an individual’s educational attainment is highly correlated with their income: college graduates generally earn more than less-educated Americans. What might be less obvious is that education is also a significant determinant of many other very important outcomes, including whether individuals marry, whether their children grow up in households with two parents, and even how long they will live. Since 2016, MAMSF has awarded 65 scholarships to students across 5 schools in New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.